Georgie (male)
Georgie (male)
Georgie (male)

Georgie (male)

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Sweet Georgie is a MALE. 

Temperament: Georgie is extremely affectionate and tender-hearted. He absolutely loves to snuggle and be up close to you. The funny thing is he's the most affectionate, but the biggest! 

Weight: He was 4.36 pounds at his 3 wk weigh in, far and away the biggest of all the puppies!

Coloring: Georgie is the lightest of all the males. He has a beautiful light color, making him unique among Rhodeisians, but absolutely beautiful. 

Structure: Large paws... he will be a big boy no doubt, with a beautiful structure and form. He looks stout already. 



- Patsy (mom): beautiful medium sized ridgeback. She is a wonderful hunter, very affectionate and smart. She learns quickly and is keen, sharp and aware. An excellent protector and the most amazing mother. Never have we seen a mother more aware of an protective of her puppies. She waits for us to come feed and water before she leaves the babies. We're her trusted "babysitters". The puppies have developed a safe, trusted attachment to her and humans because of her wonderful care. (Great mothers yield the best life long companions in dogs!) Patsy is fed raw eggs, a raw meat diet, raw milk along with organic traditional dog food and supplements. The puppies are getting EXCELLENT milk production from mom!

- Brody (dad): Brody is husky, strong, tall, muscular and fit. We call him "Hulk Jr" as a nickname. He is just pure force -- but yet he MELTS when petted and loved on. He slept with our 13 year old son for his first 3-4 weeks at our home and has a wonderful connection to humans. However, he is a perfect protector when needed. We live on a large, expansive farm and our Rhodesians are our protectors of livestock and the home/family. He's killed more than one coyote (and has battle scars to prove it). He's unafraid but completely gentle, mild and even tempered. He's been easy to train and is just a ball of love and joy. 


* Requirements for purchase: 

1. We require a phone call with the buyer ahead of time to ensure puppy is going to a safe, affectionate home. We reserve the right to refund the full purchase price if we don't feel confident in sending our babies to a purchaser. 

2. We do not require the puppies be spayed or neutered to be purchased from us. 


Pick up options:

1. In person pick up is the best for you, us and the puppy. 

2. For a small fee of $150, we will drive up to 2 hours to meet a buyer to help transfer the puppies in person. This is in addition to the cost of the puppy.

3. In rare circumstances, we are willing to bring the puppy to you. The cost is significantly more as we will only hand deliver them and the cost of flights will be at the expense of the purchaser. This is in addition to the cost of the puppy. 


Just ask! Email us at and we'll respond ASAP! 

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